What is Biblical Counseling?

This is a Biblical counseling session with trained counselors, not licensed therapists. In the session, the counselor will apply Biblical principles to the client's marriage,  relationships, finances, and the spiritual life of the couple or individual seeking counseling. Minors must have a parent's approval and may have an accompanying legal guardian present. 

ZOOM appointments are only available with Cindy Claflin upon request. 

Terms and Conditions

The Counselor is not providing legal, tax, medical, or other technical or professional advice.

The session content will be held confidential; however, limitations of such client held privilege of confidentiality exist and are itemized below:

1. If a client threatens or attempts to commit suicide or otherwise conducts him/herself in a manner in which there is a substantial risk of incurring serious bodily harm.

2. If a client threatens grave bodily harm or death to another person.

3. If the Biblical Counseling Minister has a reasonable suspicion that a client or other named victim is the perpetrator, observer of or the actual victim of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse of children under the age of 18 years.

4. Suspicions of elder abuse (60 and older) as in the case stated above (#3).

5. Suspected neglect of the parties named in items #3 and #

6. Your Destiny Biblical Counselor (DBC), reserves the right to discuss your case with other DBC team members in order to come up with the best solution and strategies that will have the greatest impact of success for your specific situation. Your information and case are still strictly confidential outside of the DBC team.

I agree to hold Destiny Christian Church and its team members free from any and all liability, loss or damage of any kind that may arise as a result of assistance which I have received or from my involvement with the Destiny Biblical Counseling Team.

  • Zoom appointments are only offered at this time with Cindy Claflin . No in-person appointments available.
    Please contact her directly at [email protected]

To book a first time appointment with Pastor Josh or Pastor Kevin, please fill out the Intake Form below and then click the Submit button. From there you will be taken to the booking website.  

If you would like to book another appointment with pastor Josh, please bypass the Intake Form and email him directly at: [email protected]

If you would like to book another appointment with pastor Kevin, please bypass the Intake Form and email him directly at:  [email protected]

See below for other available Counselors.

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Biblical Counselors

Pastor Josh Nicolet: 

(Rocklin & Sacramento Campuses)

Marriage, Family, Individual, and Financial Counselor

Josh lives in Rocklin with his wife of 21 years and two teenage children. He has a passion to see individuals and couples not just survive, but thrive in the abundant life Jesus promises. Josh is a licensed and ordained pastor at Destiny Christian Church. He currently oversees Marriage Enrichment, Inner Healing ministry, and Pastoral/Biblical Counseling. At a young age Josh experienced the pain of a broken home and childhood trauma that led to years of addiction. Jesus set him free in 1997 when he was radically saved, healed and delivered. Josh immediately dedicated his life to sharing the love and transformative power of Christ to the lost and hurting. After graduating from Bible College; Josh worked as a youth pastor, chaplain, and pastoral crisis counselor at KLOVE radio. he has furthered his counseling education through American Association of Christian Counselors, Biblical Counseling degree from Light University, Crisis Response Training, Amen Clinics where he is a certified Brain Health coach, Certified Marriage Mentor with Dare to be Different, as well as an Appreciative Inquiry Group Facilitator. 

Kevin Holderread (Rocklin and Sacramento Campuses) Marriage and Individual Counselor

Kevin lives with his lovely wife Tamme and has been married for 43 years. They have one son, Noah.

They have lived in the Roseville area for over 20 years. Kevin has been in Lay Biblical Counseling for

over 35 years and has Biblical Counseling education and training through Faith Resources,

Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, is a certified marriage mentor through Dare to Be

Different and is currently pursuing his pastoral License through AG. Kevin believes that the Bible has

the wisdom, knowledge and answers, that when applied to our daily lives, will help us to live life through God's clear perspective and God’s way.

Cindy Claflin (Zoom Only) Women and Childrens Counselor

Hi, I am Cindy Claflin, LPCC, I have a Master’s degree from Grand Canyon University as a Licensed

Professional Clinical Counselor with an emphasis in Christianity. I have been working in the mental

health field for 20 years in many different capacities. I have 2 adult boys, 2 grand daughters and 2 great

grand babies. I have been a member of Destiny Church for 15 years, and have volunteered at Destiny in

the children’s ministry, Single moms, and Love Our City. God has blessed me with this wonderful

opportunity to work with individuals, families and children to strengthen their walk with God

Jan Stambaugh (Rocklin Campus Only) Grief Counselor

My name is Jan Stambaugh. For the past 20 years I have been working to bring healing and hope to women who are hurting, broken, and stuck. Regardless of whether the circumstance is trauma, difficult relationships, loss, or other impactful events, I am committed to helping women move forward as victors, rather than victims. I have a passionate desire for women to experience the abundant life Christ intends for us - one filled with joy, peace and purpose. Instead of simply surviving my own painful life experiences, I’ve experienced triumph as I’ve trusted Jesus through very dark times. It is my greatest privilege and joy to share the truths I’ve learned with others.

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